Become a Member

Become a member of Forward in Faith North America by signing the Declaration of Common Faith and Purpose and filling in an application form. These can be emailed to or sent to Forward in Faith North America, P.O. Box 210248, Bedford, TX 76095-7248.

Payment can be made by phone: 1-800-225-3661 or by check made payable to "Forward in Faith North America" and sent to the above address. Online payment can be made by clicking here.

Please see below links for membership forms and dues.

Membership Dues:

Individuals and Families Membership includes Forward in Christ Subscription. 

Individual Membership: $50.00

Family Membership: $75.00

Lifetime Membership This does not include subscriptions to Forward in Christ magazine. You will need to subscribe each year (Current rate is $30). Lifetime Memberships may be paid in one sum or in 4 installments within a 12 month period from the first payment. 

Lifetime Individual (under 50 years of age): $750.00

Lifetime Individual (50 years of age and older): $500

Lifetime Family (under 50 years of age): $1000

Lifetime Family (50 years of age and older): $750

Parish Membership is $100/year as a minimum donation.

Forward in Faith North America thanks you for your support in our mission to uphold and proclaim the faith once delivered by Christ to the Apostles.