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“I support Forward in Faith because I believe in its mission and its work: reaching out to those who don’t know their Father through His Son, Jesus Christ, bringing together orthodox and faithful Anglicans from various churches, and maintaining Orthodoxy – biblical and traditional.” – Ms. Audre’ Myers
“It seems now in the continuing churches of Anglicanism we have small arsenals and take a lot of pop shots at one another. We need to come together as a great army of God so we can fire a shot that’s heard across our great country. I view FIFNA as a unique ministry, that can help us get our guns loaded so that together, with other orthodox and faithful Anglicans, we can do just that.” – The Rev. John Poole

As we continue our endeavor to proclaim Christ and to ensure that faithful shepherds care for His flock, we are gratefully aware of our dependence upon the spiritual commitment of our members and friends. Your generous financial support is a tangible sign of such a commitment. We thank you for your part in the mission that God has given us and pray His blessings upon you.

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